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Блокпост военного милитариста

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Shot show 2015 ч8
Оригинал взят у werewolf0001 в Shot show 2015 ч8
UTAS XTS-12 magazine fed semi automatic shotgun - на лоуэре ar10

MDT HS3 Bolt Action Chassis System
Remington 700 Short Action
Remington 700 Long Action
Remington Model 7
Remington Model 783
Savage Long Action
Savage Short Action
Savage Axis
Tikka T3 Short Action
Tikka T3 Long Action
Mossberg MVP

It is a relatively lightweight platform at 2.04Lbs but the overall weight will vary depending on what buttstock you choose.

Other key features:
CNC Machined in aluminum with type III mil-spec anodizing
Polymer Side Panels in Black or FDE, perhaps there will be a possibility of other colors in the future such as a green and a gray
Integrated bottom metal to accept AI Style magazines: .223, .308, .300WM, .338LM

MSRP: $499 (LA +$50)

Kinetic Research Group HABU Rem700 SA Lightweight Chassis

Colt Canada C8 IUR

Winchester bolt action XPR rifle

PTG M700 AR-15 Magazine Bottom Metal

Fostech Arms ORIGIN-12 Tactical shotgun

Osprey Armament Mk-36 - M1A/M14 AR Style Rifle

Magpul Hunter 700 Stock


Left Handed Accuracy International AT

MKEK MPT-76 7.62x51mm